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Frequently asked questions

How is Soy different to normal wax?

Plant / vegetable based wax is a natural type of wax made by hydrogenating vegetable oil such as soya bean oil. Natural waxes are fast becoming the bext choice for candles because they're much friendlier to ourselves and the environment. It is an eco friendly, renewable alternative to parrafin wax - that burns well and is much less likely to soot, making it a friendly alternative to our homes and bodies. Soy wax burns for up to twice as long as paraffin wax (our standard wine bottle candle will burn for over 40 hours) and provides a much cleaner burn - so you can say goodbye to the pesky waste wax you often see with other candles.

Can you make custom orders?

Yes! Get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your request. Just fill out the form and let us know the bottle you'd like making into a candle and the scent. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and can discuss logistics from there.

What can i do when my candle is finished?

And here is the beauty of The Wax Co! Once your candle has burned out, if you want to keep the same glass, we provide a dicsounted refil service. Just fill out the contact form and we can discuss details. Our glasses also make brilliant vases or are the perfect home to plant succulents or fill with whatever you fancy!

Where are your bottles from?

All of our bottles are recycled. We're lucky to have built up a great network of local bars and restaurants that also love to recycle.

Are your products Vegan friendly?

Yes! All of our products are made with eco friendly vegetable wax and are totally vegan friendly.